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    This is one color simple screen printing with very low cost and is especially suitable for single color T- shirt printing.it is fix on table –board,That machine cannot adjust up and down.  

Plate size:45x55cm
Package size:62x49x17centimters(0.05Square meter)

Product introduction


1.This machine is specially designed for one color T-shirt screen printing because of its dedicated T-shirt pallet which can guarantee the accurate positioning and good printing effect

It can also be applied  to printing on substrates which need overprinting,such as pillowcase,bag,non-woven bags and so on. The user can only change the pallet according to the substrates to satisfy the needs of different kinds of printing and it is easy to dismantle the pallet
3.Special designs of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the weight of screen frame and squeegee in loose intensity
4. Screen clamp can be moved up and down in 2cm, which is suitable for screen frame within 2cm thicknes
5.this machine adopts full metal structure and all parts  are stainless steel materials, which is in advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in cleaning and no rust
6.Composite structure and excellent packaging for convenient transportation, equipped with installation video, manual instruction, full set installing and maintenance tools and spare parts