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Shino type:
Using the international latest raw material,advanced production equiment and technology research and development,the squeegee has the world's top level.its characteristic is have super solvent resistance and abrasion resistance,it is the most ideal choice for high -end silk screen printing

The use and maintenance of rubber squeegee indicate that the hardness of rubber squeegee can be divided into three categories.
1. soft rubber squeegee
2. medium hardness rubber squeegee
3. hard rubber squeegee

Product introduction

一、 the hardness of the squeegee is devided into three categories

    1. In generallyd speaking Suitable for the low mesh screen cloth,Jow ciscisity ink,irregular surface of the printing.Using the soft squeegee for printing,large amount of ink,printing image fidelity is moderate,is is usually used for large area printing,ceramics and glass.
   2.the medium hardness squeegee is used for high pressure.Suitable for various of mesh screen cloth,various of ink and various of the prints use this kind of squeegee the printing ink accumulate very well.Image resolution power is good,suitable for all kinds of printed substrates.
   3.the hard squeegee used for the the largest printing pressure and printing ink viscosity is very high.Small amount of oil accurnullation and image resolution are usually in screen printing can choose the hard squeegee.it produces the ink layer is very thin.
Standard hardness
Soft 45---65 ShoreA red or coffee
Suitable for the low mesh screen cloth,low viscosity ink,irregular surface of the printing.
Medium  70---75 ShoreA green or coffee
Suitable for various of mesh screen cloth,various of ink and various of the prints.
Hard  90---95 ShoreA white
Suitable for high pressure,high viscosity ink,the fine print of the printing.
Other hardness or colors are available on request.
Standard size:1--4000MM width:3--500MM Thickness:1--20MM 
Specifical size is available on request.
Mark:ink marking on blade quality size and hardness shoreA etc.